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Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot

Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot

系统:安卓 类型:飞行射击 更新时间:2021-04-02

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航海王热血航线格斗进阶详情 倒地保护的重要性

航海王热血航线格斗进阶详情 倒地保护的重要性

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Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot is an epic FPS shooting game. In this war, terrorists lurk in a war-torn city. The brave commando has accepted the difficult mission of going to the city to destroy the terrorists. This mission is very challenging, in the battlefield in the face of brutal enemies, to protect themselves and destroy the enemy.
This is based on the modern shooting game commando mission, through a series of missions to complete the final war. The goal of each game mission is to fight against terrorists, destroy every enemy, and survive in the mission.
To attack in silence and the most deadly way to combat the terrorist attacks against terrorists. Eliminate the next goal in the mission.
As an elite commando member, the government has provided you with advanced weapons and equipment. Terrorists are planning terrorist attacks. You are assigned to a special counterterror mission by the counterterrori agency. Through your superb fighting skills, kill the terrorists, and save innocent civilians.
This action shooter has a variety of challenging missions and a variety of interesting features. These features make this action shooting game quite unique, fun and addictive.
In this war, your duty is to fight, shoot, kill, complete the mission. In this war game, prove your shooting skills, fight against the enemy. Accept the mission, now download this exciting action shooting game.
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Features:
- HD 3D graphics
- Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment
- Simple and operation
- a large number of advanced powerful weapons
- Radar vision positioning the enemy's position
- Challenges of increasing levels of difficulty
- Best quality attractive sound effects
- Play anytime, anywhere

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Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot截图
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot截图
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot截图
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot截图

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