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Dung Runner

Dung Runner

系统:安卓 类型:辅助工具 更新时间:2021-07-27

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Do you have the ninja like skills to survive in this epic adventure? Larry has always been forced to do the will of other beetles. This must change! He is tired of it and has decided to escape... with his dung of course! Help Larry run to freedom in this unique endless runner game. Throw spears, dodge spikes, and do much more for your quest to grow Larry's Dung and escape the pursuing beetles! Download now and see how big your dung can get and show those other beetles who is the boss!
- Addicting endless running action!
-The ability to toss incoming spears back and slay your enemies.
- Grow your Dung as you run!
- Dungrade shop that can be used to purchase upgrades for Larry.
- Best of all the app will be releasing as FREE.
- Spear storms and other obstacles
- And much MORE!
- 沉溺无尽的跑步动作!
- 你的成长作为阮晋勇运行!
- Dungrade商店,可以用来购买升级拉里。
- 最佳的所有应用程序将被释放免费。
- 矛风暴和其他障碍
- 以及更多!

Dung Runner更新内容

Dung Runner 2 update!
-All new gameplay
-Tuned flight mode and powers
-Environment changes with level progression
-Rate button now points to correct app
-Much more!



Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图
Dung Runner截图

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